Welcome Friends

Hello Friends. Welcome to CMeLearn. We are a group of new and old friends who educate in the Charlotte area of North Carolina using Charlotte Mason’s methods. Much of our conversations on-line are on a Google group called CmeLearn@googlegroups.com. These discussions contain all kinds of helpful ideas for implementing Charlotte’s methods in your home or classroom as well encouragement and helpful advice. You can join us to search past and comment on current discussions here.

Charlotte was a pioneer educator in England in the late 1800’s who influenced many teachers, parents and students in her time. Her teachings continue to bring light and hope to thousands of homeschool families and schools around the globe as we enjoy implementing her methods. Much freedom is gained by those who put the effort into reading rich living books and having our kids tell back or narrate the story to us.  Our children learn to spell through reading, copywork and dictation.  Exploring the outdoors together, our families appreciate God’s design and the beauty that unfolds before us each season.  We hope to impart wisdom, share stories and laugh together on this blog. Please feel free to ask your questions regarding Charlotte Mason’s methods and post your concerns for your own kids and their needs. The community here has a lot of warmth to share and welcomes you.  We hope you will learn about Charlotte Mason’s methods and try them for yourself.  Feel free to ask for advice here or join us for one of our gatherings. We hope you will feel welcome.