Narration-What is it?

Narration is the act of telling back or sharing what happened in a story or event your child has experienced. Children are usually very eager to tell what they did when they went somewhere or visited with someone. That is actually narration and they have been doing it their whole lives! The purpose of narration is to develop a child’s ability and habit in really listening and paying attention to the story. Many visuals and sounds can be explained through stories which will cause a child’s imagination to grow. By reading just a few sentences, children can tell back or even act out what they are reading or hearing (if a read aloud). Through the process of having to put the story in their own words, actions (drama) or pictures (drawing), the child takes ownership of the story. They pick up great details that are easily missed by those of us who were not trained in the habit of really listening. The child becomes fully engaged in the story and it becomes a book they will love! A note to only ask your kids to narrate books that are living or full of rich storyline, verbs that express the action fully, and many adjectives that draw the reader into the storyline. History book selections must be living since History is actually the story of God’s people. We want to be sure our children truly understand the story and feel a part of the time period, the things that happened and feel like an actual character in the book. So start narrating today! You will hear your child begin to understand new words and ideas. Once your child begins to really be comfortable with you listening, grab a pen and start writing. They will be thrilled to see how much they have to say in a written narration. Then you can encourage them to take the pen (or pencil) for their own written narration!

Here are some very helpful ideas on narration from Donna-Jean Breckenridge (linked to the Site)


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