A great resource for free, online living books

My girls and I were looking at Masters of Art: Rembrandt and
> Seventeeth-Century Holland, a beautiful, large book and one that is very
> resourceful (kind of like a DK book). I found myself in need of a living
> story book, however, that could be narrated easily. I turned to my good old
> standby http://www.mainlesson.com <http://www.mainlesson.com/> and found exactly
> what we needed. I typed in Rembrandt under the “Google” search on the home
> page and found a living story. Be sure and check out this wonderful, FREE
> resource with over 500 books/stories that were published before 1923. You
> can type in something specific or sort it by genre. Be sure and read the
> Introduction subtitle “About Us.” There is an endearing story about the
> family who makes these books available to us. By the way, printed copies of
> these online books are also available at Growing Scholars.
> FYI,
> Tina


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