Charles Dickens recommendations…..

I was reading Of Other Worlds : Essays and Stories
by CS Lewis and the preface gives a reference to this
famous quote ~~ Lewis was reading Dickens:

“You can’t get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me,” said C.S.Lewis. And he meant it, for at that moment I was pouring his tea into a very large Cornish-ware cup and he was reading Bleak House.”
(Preface by Walter Hooper)

Here’s some more trivia and perhaps you know this about where Lewis got the name NARNIA:


This is the CS Lewis’s Atlas
Now I have a copy that Hooper send me in Italy in the 2005 with original letter that Walter Hooper write to me .

Concerning Narnia and Narni Roger Lancelyn Green writes about C.S. Lewis and Walter Hooper:

“When Walter Hooper asked [C.S. Lewis] where he found the word ‘Narnia’, Lewis shoved him Murray’s Small Classical Atlas, ed.G.B. Grundy (1904), which he acquired when he was reading the classics with Mr Kirkpatrick at Great Bookham [1914-1917]. On plate 8 of the Atlas is a map of ancient Italy. Lewis had underscored the name of a little town called Narnia, simply because he liked the sound of it. Narnia – or ‘Narni’ in Italian – is in Umbria, halfway beween Rome and Assisi.

Narnia, a small medieval town, is situated at the top of an olive-covered hill. It was already ancient when the Romans defeated it in 299 BC. Its thirteenth-century fortress dominates a deep, narrow gorge of the Nera river which runs below. One of its most important archeological features is a Romanesque cathedral, which contains the relics of a number of Umbrian saints.

It is possible that Lewis named one of his central characters ‘Lucy Pevensie’ after his goddaughter – Lucy Barfield – to whom The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is dedicated… It is nevertheless a surprise to discover that the most popular of Narnia’s saints is Blessed Lucy of Narnia, whose uncorrupted body lies in a side-chapel of the cathedral.” See: Roger Lancelyn Green and Walter Hooper, C.S. Lewis: A Biography, 2002,



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