Composer Study-Opal Wheeler books

Charlotte Mason recommends studying composers from the period you are studying in History. There are many links on the internet for midi or mp3 files and the library has many CDs you can check out for free. You will find your kids are able to relate more to the composer they study when they learn a little something about their life. Perhaps you would like to try the Opal Wheeler books and CDs for younger and elementary aged children. Color Me Classics is another option. The most important thing is to remember not to overwhelm your child with too much background information on the composer. Perhaps reading a story from the composer’s childhood days, like the Opal Wheeler books would be enjoyable for your kids. Charlotte Mason recommends studying one composer for several weeks and playing songs long enough for your child to be able to recognize them. Give your child the opportunity to really appreciate the music and enjoy it at least once a week. We bought ours in Stallings, NC at Growing Scholars. However, here is a pic if you would like to see the books from Christian Book Enjoy your composer study!


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