“Shake” it up

Someone asked me (Diana Quinn) about Shakespeare plays around Charlotte area. I recently received the brochure in the mail for the upcoming season at Matthews Playhouse. . Feb 1-2, 2013 will be
Macbeth (suitable for ages 8 and up, it says). adults $10, students and
seniors $9.

Usually in the fall the Charlotte Observer does a big section listing
all the fall cultural events. I will post when I see that come out for
this fall.

In High Point, NC they will be performing Romeo and Juliet in Sept.

We saw The Tempest there and it was very well done.

I saw on the High Point website, under the Shakespeare to Go link, a pdf study guide for MacBeth. It would be good to read over that if you go to the MacBeth at Matthews Playhouse.

Click here to see schedule for Merchant of Venice, Aug 15-26 at Spirit Square uptown. We plan to go Aug 26.

There is a Shakespeare center in Staunton, VA. We saw Taming of the
Shrew there a couple years ago.
If you go, make sure to do the tour. Very fun.

And lastly, there is a free Shakespeare birthday party every year
(April) at the Folger Library in DC. You can find more information at
their website. We went one year and had a great time. Planned our
vacation around the birthday party and stopped in Staunton on the way
home for a few days to see a play. Great fun.

“Shake it up”,

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