Keepers of the Faith Club by Christina Nietz

Charlotte Mason homeschoolers in the Charlotte area are welcome to join us in 2013 for Generation Joshua club for teens or Keeper/Contenders of the Faith. Keepers/Contenders is for children and meets at the same time as Generation Joshua Club for teens.

Generation Joshua clubs are for teens 13 or 14 years and up with adult guidance.
In a typical meeting students will:
-begin the meeting with prayer, especially for the nation
-the Pledge of Alliegance
-discuss a current event in the light of Scripture
-then they might join the Keepers in an activity (we are encouraging them to take leadership by presenting an area of skill to the younger children if they wish) OR some days they will have their own activity focused on discussing the history of our country, involvement in the political process, or discussing other civics information in light of Scripture.

Here is the website: (GenJ has several programs including igovern and political involvement, and the clubs are just one of them). Also, GenJ, the national program, charges a $30 fee to be a member. If you would like to be involved in our club but the financial piece is difficult, please come check us out anyway and let us know about your circumstances.

We meet every first Friday from 6:30-8:00pm.

Keepers of the Faith Clubs meet at the same time for younger siblings 12 and under.

The goal of these clubs is to teach hands-on skills to children in a Christian context. Most children who are at least kindergarten age have the abilities to participate in the activity (but we don’t mind your littler ones around, too).
We follow this program loosely, and are not necessarily endorsing or rejecting any of the theological beliefs on the website.

Keeper/Contenders of the Faith is for the whole family, so we hope everyone can attend! But if a Mom or Dad needs to bring the kids alone that’s fine. We have greatly enjoyed our times spent with grandparents involved too. Parents are asked to sign up for one skill to teach the children during the year if they are able.

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