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Charlotte Mason and the Special Needs Child:
Online Meeting with Tammy Glaser

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 7:30 PM
Zoom Online Meeting with Tammy Glaser

Do you have a child with autism or special needs? Do you have questions as to how a Charlotte Mason education can apply to children with various special needs?

Hear Tammy Glaser talk about her journey with implementing CM methods with her own two children who are both now adults. Tammy has hand s on experience since she homeschooled her daughter who has autism. Tammy has continued helping other children enjoy this way of life as she currently runs a CM school in South Carolina which is in its fifth year. Tammy is a blessing to the CM community sharing her insight, wisdom and experience.

If you are interested in attending this special online meeting please respond via email to and I will forward the login instructions. Also, if you have specific questions for Tammy please email them also.  This will help her target certain areas during the webinar.

****Please note this online meeting is for CMeLearn members only so please no sharing this invite*****

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Below is a short bio about Tammy Glaser:

Tammy Glaser, M.S. O. R.

I graduated from the Naval Academy in 1985 and planned to make the Navy a career. I tracked submarines, earned a masters degree, and recruited for the Navy. God had a better plan in mind. He gave me a loving family: Steve, my husband, and our children, Pamela and David. After our daughter developed autism, I found my true calling in education. I left the Navy in 1995 and started homeschooling.

Shifting to Charlotte Mason’s ideas began in 2000 with my children and later in church ministry. I was blessed to join AmblesideOnline when it born! God has let me s hare these ideas with families, speak at conferences, and train public, charter, and private school teachers. For two years, a team of educators and I  designed curriculum for the first Charlotte Mason charter school in the USA. I’m part of prov-en-der and similar groups. I’m thrilled to inspire teachers, students, and families to learn and love learning.